The Other Side audio space

Our ancestors knew something about bees that we´ve forgotten or refuse to recognise, that bees, with their incomparable senses, can sense the thin spots between worlds and break through; use their efficient little jaws to nibble a hole from one universe to another.

Johanna Sinisalo, The Blood of Angels, 2011

In 2011 Finnish author Johanna Sinisalo published the ecopolitical novel Enkelten Verta (The Blood of Angels).

This novel has been the source of the inspiration for the Other Side audio space created on a rocky hill behind of Eläintarhan Huvila, in Helsinki Linnunlaulu district. This natural space is a special spot with it’s own flora and fauna in the centre of Helsinki; it is a natural and charming non-place in the city, not destined for any specific use neither taken care as urban parks tend to be.

The Other Side is featured in the Sinisalo novel as an enigmatic parallel world, where the earthly bees have their own access.The Other Side opens to the visitor through an audio work, that features parts of Johanna Sinisalo’s novel Enkelten Verta, recorded in finnish and english.
The Other Side can be activated anytime by downloading the free Arilyn app from App Store or Google Play. With the app open, point your smart device to the graphic target plates* situated at the rocky hill. Through the targets you have access to the Other Side and can listen to the excerpts of the book The Blood of Angels by Johanna Sinisalo.

There are six activated places for you to listen. The listening experience is even better when using your headphones.

diagrams black

*The graphics represent the structures of flowers growing at the site. They belong to maple, violet, bird cherry, rose, nettle and elder tree. The floral diagrams were introduced in the late 19th century by German botanist A.W. Eichler.

The Other Side audio space is opened on 9th June  and will stay active 24/7 until end of September.

Konsepti/Concept:  Ulla Taipale                                                                                                    Tekstit/Texts: Johanna Sinisalo, Enkelten Verta/The Blood of Angels, 2011
Lukijat/Readings: Merja Markkula (fi), Kira O´Reilly (eng)
Äänitykset/Recordings and editing: Kirill Lorech

Toinen Puoli -äänitila on osa Melliferopolis Fest -ohjelmaa.
The Other Side audio space is  part of Melliferopolis Fest.

Tukijat/Supporters: Koneen Säätiö, Robust North