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Interspecies Encounters at the Hexa-Hives,
in Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, Volume 30, March 2018, Pages 280-285
available until June 12th 2018 –



YLE News, July 22nd 2017

Melliferopolis Workshop I:

Cities carrying honey (2012)

Melliferopolis Urban Honeybees Hexa-Hive Installation Time Lapse (2012)

Hexa-Hive Village at Aalto Otaniemi Campus:
HiveFive – bee jamming and sonice picnic (2013)

Melliferopolis Workshop III: Bees for Architecture and Architecture for Bees by artist, Nigel Helyer (AU),

Sundance Palimpsest Preparations, 2014:

Hexa-Hive Village with Airstrip for Bees,
Installation at Semi Wild Gardens, Poikilo, Kouvola Finland


Melliferopolis Fest, Activities Summer and Fall 2016

Kirpilä – Feast of Pollen Gold, May 2017

Melliferopolis Workhop II:
Understanding the Essence of Flowers – Exporing Pollen, Harakka Island, Helsinki (2013)

Melliferopolis Workshop I; Harakka Island, Helsinki (2012)

Hexa-Hive Village in Aalto Otaniemi Campus, construction (2013)



Kirpilä Art house, Table Scenes Exhibitions from May 28th to August 30th 2017 – Melliferopolis participates with “Pollen Gold”

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