Sensored Hive

As part of the Citizen Science project Socientize, Melliferopolis hosted a hands-on workshop where a Langstroth beehive was equipped with sensors to monitor the condition of the hive. The hive is located in Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden, near the meteorological station and data coming from the hive are transmitted to the open access database.

The bees were kindly donated by Artova ry Association, who installed bees in Kuusiluoto and had a swarm on June 8th 2014.
2 other locations with hives (Barcelona, Bordeaux) are equipped with the same technology and are linked to the same database ( and
To visualize and translate this data in a creative way is encouraged.

Sensored Hive – Translating Bees
Workshop, at Camp Pixelache Helsinki, June 2014

The workshop follows the kick off workshop “Urban Bees 2.0” in Barcelona in March 2014. The workshop is held in Vartiosaari on June 8th 2014, during Pixelache Helsinki. This international, trans-disciplinary festival explores the theme of “The Commons” this year, including bio-commons, urban culture and knowledge commons topics.

See more at:

Sensored hive – translating bees workshop is open to all participants of the festival, as well as any interested citizen.

With the support of the Socientize project of the European Union.

Screen shot 2014-06-09 at 22.25.21



Some images of the installation at the Botanic Garden Kaisaniemi, in the rain….P1090385s


P1090414sand of the finished hive – 
with the meteorological station in the back –


The hive is equipped with a scale (overall weight of the hive), humidity sensors (for inside and outside measurements) and a temperature sensor. Over the winter the sensors have been disconnected from the online database. The sensored hive will be online again in early spring!

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