Insect Hotel

An insect hotel is a nesting place for all kinds of insects, including wild pollinators. The construction of such a hotel can be made of natural materials, found in the forest or backyard, or it can be done with materials found in the house of garage. Depending on the size of the holes and cavities, various insects get attracted.

Using transparent materials fitted into a construction with a door, allows for monitoring and observation of the hotel guests.Possible materials that can be used – found around the house – can be various tubes and hollow sticks, with a diameter of up to half a centimetre.

For example:

Material can also be old bricks with holes, or wooden bars and pieces where holes can be drilled.

During the workshop we will aim to construct a big insect hotel that stays on the island, but it is also possible to work on smaller versions to take home or place somewhere around the city.


The hotel that we made in May 2012 uses a lot of material found around the island of Harakka – objects that the sea washed ashore, branches and sticks from vegetation around the island, and pieces of trash that seemed suitable for the construction.

by Christina Stadlbauer

by Christina Stadlbauer

by Christina Stadlbauer

by Christina Stadlbauer

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