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Articles in the Finnish press 08 06.2018 (in Finnish)
Satakunnan Kansa

Article in El Periódico 20.3.2018 (in Spanish)

Article in Ara (in Catalan) 15.2.2018

Article by Mirko Nikolić, Neda Radulovic,
‘Aesthetics of inhuman touch: notes for ‘vegetalised’ performance‘,
Ruukku Journal, 9 (2018) [accessed 18/03/2018],

Broadcasting Yle News 22nd July, 2017:

Article on Yle News, Finland, July 2017:
Melliferopolis tuo mehiläiset kaupungin sykkeeseen – “Ihmiset eivät tiedä mehiläisistä juuri mitään”
Yle Uutiset 22.7.2017_Melliferopolis tuo mehiläiset kaupungin sykkeeseen_web

We Make Money Not Art – article about Pixelache Workshop “Architectures for the Other Side”:

In the summer 2016, a review on the Hexa-Hive village and Airstrip for Bees was written in Suomen Luonto magazine

This one is important! A critical and smart view on the automatic honey-flow machinery promoted a bit everywhere. Check it on

The Mystery of the Red Bees of Red Hook / The New York Times

TED talk on development from egg to fully grown bee.


T. D. Seeley – Honeybee Democracy – On decisiontaking in the hive

Eva Crane – The Book of Honey

Karl Weiss – Der Wochenend Imker

and Movies:

Queen of the Sun – Taggart Siegel

Online References:

Due to the difficulties that bees are facing recently, beekeeping and the attitude towards these animals is undergoing a change. The old paradigms do not entirely work anymore, new ways have yet to be found. A lot of contemporary valuable knowledge and experience can be found online – however has to be consumed with a grain of salt:

In February 2013, EFSA (European Food Safety Agency) acknowledges that three neonicotinoids are to be classified as toxic to bees. A ban of these substances for 2 years should be voted for on a European level on 25th of February 2013.

As a reaction, Bayer und Syngenta – the main producers of pesticides containing these substances – threaten with massive lawsuits in case of prohibition of the substances. A study spreads fear for the loss of 50 000 jobs.
Some European countries have partly banned the use of neonicotinoids as insecticides (Germany, Slowenia, France, Italy). Online petitions for a ban are ongoing in many European countries. A voting in the European Commission is scheduled for mid March.

A study on “Existing Scientific Evidence of the Effects of Neonicotinoid Pesticides on Bees” was published by DG Internal Policies of the European Commission here:

Markus Imhoof, director of the documentary „More than honey“ publishes bonus material of the movie online. 

An overview is given in the indepent and the beekeeper’s association blogspot.

February 2012

May 2012

11.5. Aalto News: Urbaani mehiläinen tekee maukasta hunajaa

16.5. Johanna Sinisalo: “Mehiläiset ovat esimerkki siitä, mitä emme voi kontrolloida, mutta josta olemme riippuvaisia”

17.5. YLE1 Finnish public TV: Kaupunkilaismehiläisbuumi Suomeen

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