Lesley Kadish

Lesley was born a redhead in summer in Texas and migrated north at eighteen to avoid further sunburn. After graduating with a degree in historic archaeology from Grinnell College, she once again found herself at the mercy of the sun when she accepted her first job in digital cartography for the Museum of Northern Arizona. In subsequent years, she has worked as a curator for the Minnesota Historical Society, a digital project lead for the Espoo City Museum in Finland, and currently as a Fellow in the Smithsonian Accessibility Program, and a researcher with Georgetown University’s Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship (CNDLS). Lesley’s most current work evokes this body knowledge to theorize and explore multi-sensory learning in museums. Despite splitting her vacation time between Minnesota and Finland, Lesley continues to find a way to get a sunburn. And she is always in search of her elusive Texas heritage.