Christina Stadlbauer

(*29th January 1970, Vienna, Austria)

Christina is especially interested in the complexity of processes – in nature (ecosystems), groups (socio-systems), or the human body and she likes to work with the immediate environment, be it the physical space or immaterial contexts.
In her work, Christina Stadlbauer engages with topics that are inspired by nature- especially plants and insects. Amongst the art pieces that she created in the last few years, tangible objects can be found alongside outdoor installations, as well as ephemeral actions or rituals. Christina particularly likes to address the senses; many of her pieces can be experienced by touch or smell. The possibility for the audience to actively engage or participate in her interventions is crucial. The spectator and his reaction become part of the art piece and make it kaleidoscopic and open ended. She has been working as artist and cultural producer in Europe, Asia and Central America.
In May 2012, she launched the long term project Melliferopolis–honeybees in urban environment– together with Ulla Taipale in Helsinki, Finland.
Christina obtained a PhD in chemistry and is an active shiatsu practitioner. She lived in Vienna and Brussels and has recently moved to Helsinki.