Architectures for the Other Side – Continued

Saturday, 8th of April 2017 –

A sunny day in Lapinlahti and the experimental hives started last September during the Pixelache Workshop come out of the barn again.

Some fixing, some finishing, some restoration and then a walk to see where they could get permanently installed.

Until the end of April two of the three finished hive experiments are on display!






Listening to the singing

The other day, I visited the hives in Kaisaniemi with my stethoscope. With the muffled silence of the snow, the bees’ singing was clearly audible through the wood of the Langstroth hives. It is the faint sound of the bees as they keep each other warm and entertained through the cold months, slowly eating their sweet reserves of the warm season.

Architectures for the Other Side – WS

As part of Pixelache Festival, Melliferopolis gave a 3 days workshop at the festival site in Lapinlahti.

The participants were from all walks of life and created 3 experimental, empathic hives that are exhibited until Sunday, 25th of September.

3 groups went from idea to design and finally building the 3 bee houses. In the three days not everything could be finished, but there is time until next spring, when new bee colonies will hopefully populate the new dwellings, to complete.

*** Workshop Contd. – see some images here!
Some improvements and changes that are needed before putting the bees inside their new homes are done in a mini workshop, open to all last year’s participants on Saturday, 8th of April 2017, in Lapinlahti. 

The hives will then be assigned their new places, and as soon as the season allows, bees will come to populate their new experimental homes! ***

Some impressions from our workshop in September:
Day 1: a bit of theory and background – then ideas started to come.


Day 2: from design to materials, first steps with the power tools!


Day 3: towards completion – time does not stretch.



More images are here:

Thank You everybody for a wonderful workshop!!

Hive concert with Till Bovermann

Till Bovermann, Katharina Hauke and Markus Koistinen jammed with the bees on Thursday, 18th of August.
At first, the bees were not so active. It was raining, which makes them stay inside their dry hive. During the course of the afternoon, the concert created a wonderful environment and turned the site of the installation into a relaxed but vibrant sound bubble.




A week with Lesley and Charli

Last week, the small hexagonal greenhouse became the hub of Melliferopolis Fest activities – with Lesley Kadish inviting visitors to her sensory tours around the garden, and Charli Clark giving pollen inspired talks and walks.


Lesley had people take off their shoes and close their eyes….


… and Charli explained about edibles, insects and how we can perceive the paths of the bees.



Charli’s stall – the same that was used for “Eat Like a Bee” as well as “Explore Like a Bee” – has served well and was now adopted by Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden and will have future lives.



A swarm came to the Bee Ark

Yesterday, early in the morning, the bee ark got new visitors. A swarm is now dwelling in the experimental hive in the tree. We wish them a sunny summer!

In the image they are still deciding weather this place is suitable for them – but at 3 in the afternoon it was clear – they stay!

The swarm was brought by Arto Koljonen and kindly donated by Helsingin Seudun Mehiläishoitajat ry: