A week with Lesley and Charli

Last week, the small hexagonal greenhouse became the hub of Melliferopolis Fest activities – with Lesley Kadish inviting visitors to her sensory tours around the garden, and Charli Clark giving pollen inspired talks and walks.


Lesley had people take off their shoes and close their eyes….


… and Charli explained about edibles, insects and how we can perceive the paths of the bees.



Charli’s stall – the same that was used for “Eat Like a Bee” as well as “Explore Like a Bee” – has served well and was now adopted by Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden and will have future lives.



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Melliferopolis experiments with new ways of understanding bees, beekeeping and the ecology of the hive. The project examines the role of honeybees and other pollinators in an urban context and explores the many differing relations between humans and these insects.

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