2013 Activities

Hive Five – Bee jamming and a sonic picnic

27. August 2013, 11:30h–16:00h at Ossinlampi (near Otakari 7), Aalto University Campus Garden, Otaniemi Welcome to an extraordinary sound picnic where you can listen to the inner life of beehives. Five international Helsinki based sound artists accompany the sound of the hives with their own instruments, creating an intriguing, inspiring and relaxing soundscape, perfect to listen to and relax.

The beehives of the Hexa-Hive Village near Ossinlampi host special microphones, which capture the sounds made by the bees inside. This setup will be used for experimental live performances, creating soundscapes originating and playing along with sounds captured from the bee hives, an artistic insect-man-intervention.

Come and visit, listen, relax and let the bee goes on!

Some info also here: https://www.facebook.com/events/240714822744420/

Hive Five idea and image: Till Bovermann – thank you!


Opening of the Hexa-Hive Village at Otaniemi

Tuesday, June 18th 2013 at 4pm – at Ossinlampi – the future site of the new Aalto Campus garden Join us to welcome the bees in their new home, and celebrate with a glass of honey cocktail.

Understanding the essence of flowers, exploring pollen –

Workshop on Harakka island, June 12 -14, 2013

There is an intrinsic link between bees and flowers. In evolution they arose at the same time, bees feeding on nectar and pollen; the flowers relying on the pollinators for reproduction. For bees pollen is essential as protein rich food. When harvesting pollen, the pollination of the plant species is guaranteed almost as a side effect. Bees visiting flowers and harvesting their essence is a choreography that nature performs every year again.  In these encounters, the flowers disclose their secret to the bees, who take it home in the form of scent and taste and concentrate it for cold winter days. The fermentation and concentration that bees perform in the process of making honey cannot be imitated, making this process unique and impossible to artificially reproduce. Honey becomes the bees’ translation of a poetic dialogue in the fields, containing the essence of the visited plants.During this 3 day workshop on Harakka island, we explore the environment of the bees living on the island, with a focus on vegetation and flowers and the poetic aspects of plants and their essence. We will explore how to

  • Collect pollen from flowers and from the bees’ products
  • Microscope pollen and analyse soil, water and air quality
  • Map the island’s vegetation

And we will use the data and the miniature world of insects as inspiration for drawing and storytelling.The hands-on workshop is guided by Christina Stadlbauer (scientist, beekeeper, artist), Asta Ekman (scientist, leader of the Harakka environmental laboratory) and Lina Kusaite (illustrator). It takes place in collaboration with Harakka Island, Luontotalo, Helsingin Ympäristökeskus.Melliferopolis is a research project by Christina Stadlbauer at Aalto BiofiliA. More info and sign up from April 2013 onwards.